St. Patrick’s Day 2018 in Copenhagen

The St. Patrick’s Day 3 Legged Charity Race- the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day endurance test- takes place on Saturday, 17th of March 2018, and as usual it’ll be a craicin’ day out here in Copenhagen!

Whether this is your first time being part of the race, or if you were there 18 years ago, back in 2001, for the first ever race, we promise an unforgettable fun-filled day.

The 3 Legged Charity Race, sponsored by Diageo and Carlsberg, raises money for worthy causes while celebrating the Irish national holiday in the wonderful city of Copenhagen.

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The when and the where

The St. Patrick’s Day 3 Legged Charity Race 2018 takes place on Saturday 17th March:

Read more about the timeline for the day and what’s happening in the tent.

How does it all work?

Registration for the race starts at Kennedy’s Bar.

  • Participation in the race costs a donation of 150DKK, per team (2 people). Thanks to our sponsors Diageo and Carlsberg, all money is donated uncut to our 3 charities.
  • Once registered, you head down to The Tent on Axeltorv where you will be tied to your partner.
  • Racers will be set off in timed groups of 10 teams.
  • Racers are asked to drink a ½ pint of Carlsberg in each pub.
  • The race must be completed within 2 hours.

And even if you don’t fancy running around Copenhagen in 3 Legged style, it doesn’t mean you can’t show up on the day and cheer on the racers! Or make a donation by buying some merchandise or having a drink. All money raised goes to this year’s charities.
You can also make a donation to the charities in one of the collection boxes located in all the participating bars, so pop on in for a pint and make a donation!


How can I donate?

There are many ways you can make a donation to the 3 Legged Charity Race:

Collection Boxes

There are collection boxes in each of the participating bars on route so pop in for a pint and make your donation!

Mobile Pay

Mobile pay number… coming!

Bank account

Donation can be sent directly to the charity bank account:
Nordea Vesterport
Reg 5501
Kontonr. 4386-856-147

On St. Patrick’s Day

Join the race 🙂 All participants are asked to make of 75DKK per person to enter the race- all of which is donated to the charity.

Even if you don’t plan on entering the Race, come by and get your St. Patrick’s Day hat or have a beer with us at the Start Tent on Axeltorv from 12:00 on St. Patrick’s Day. Every kroner you spend at the Start Tent, either on merchandise, face painting or beer, is donated directly to this year’s charities.

If you require a receipt for your donation, please send a mail to

The Rules

Only a few, but they are there none the less…

  • Teams of 2 people only. It’s too difficult to manage teams with more people and besides it’s only a 3 Legged Charity Race with 3 legs!
  • The race must be completed on foot. (no taxis, bikes, skates, roller blades, or skate boards….Yes- it has been tried!)
  • All participants must finish the race in 2 hours.

Participants must wear GREEN!

  • OK so this isn’t really a “rule”, but please make the effort. The costumes get better and better every year, and we can’t wait to see what ye come up with next!

Drink Responsibly!

  • Don’t get all silly… It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and yes, a wee drink or two will be had. However, we, the Organisers, maintain the right to refuse you entry to the race if, bluntly put, you’re too drunk!

Participants must be 18+

Thank you 🙂

A huge thank you to every racer and anyone who has ever supported the St. Patrick’s Day 3 Legged Charity Race. Since becoming a charity in 2007, together we have raised a grand total of 409,150 DKK. Well done folks!