Welcome to the official St. Patrick’s Day 3 Legged Charity Race, Copenhagen website!

The recipe is simple. Take a time honoured race, add 6 pubs, a few barrels of Carlsberg, some good quality gaffer tape and hundreds of fun-loving revelers. Sprinkle with some heart warming appeal and plenty of good craic, and you have the makings of the perfect event to the celebrate the Irish national holiday. It’s the wackiest race in the world!!

Over 460,000DKK has been raised for a variety of children’s charities. The money raised has been used in various ways, from purchasing special blankets for premature children born at Copenhagen’s city hospital, to supporting a pre-school project for under privileged children in Cambodia.

The Race has grown from strength to strength and we hope this year will be the biggest event ever.

The Organisers

The Race happens thanks to the efforts of many people both named and behind the scenes…

Siobhán Kelleher-Petersen

Siobhán started the race back in 2001 along with Garrett Mc Keon and Desmond Carswell. She still organises the race today, and and along with her husband Martin and brother John, ensures the Race continues year after year. You’ll meet her down at the Start Tent on Axeltorv with a clipboard in hand.

John Kelleher

You’ll see John down at Registration for the Race in Kennedy’s, but you might hear him before you see him!

Martin Kelleher-Petersen

Martin celebrated his first St. Patrick’s Day back in 2012 when he tied together 600 ankles. Since then he has been become somewhat of a leg-tieing expert.

The Volunteers

Website & Social Media

Andy Kelly – Our own Paddyrazzi. He’s the guy that loves pointing his camera at you. You see him, you smile. It will end up on Facebook. He also tries to keep the website up to date.

Special thanks to:

Helen Mac Mahon of Dublin for the original logos.

Very special thanks to:

All the other volunteers that help with everything from putting up the tent, selling merchandise, face-painting, time-keepers, crowd control, leg-tiers, cleaner-uppers. Each and every one has helped make the day the success it has become.

Finally, a very, very special thanks to:

Our sponsors, Diageo. Their sponsorship allows us to donate every single penny collected directly to charity.