The Charities

In 2007, the Race became a fundraising event, and since then we've raised over 409,150 DKK for various charities. Below is an overview of how much has been raised each year, and where the money goes.

In 2018, the St. Patrick's Day 3 Legged Charity Race continue to support 3 great charities: Danske Hospitals Klovne, Laura Lynn - Ireland's Children's Hospice and the Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation.


Laura Lynn - Ireland's Children's Hospice

Family, Life, Care. We provide palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Our holistic approach to care enables us to support the whole family, allowing parents to be ‘Mum and Dad’ rather than full-time carers. We offer support for children from birth to age 18. All our hospice care is free for families. Children can be referred from anywhere in Ireland.

Danske Hospitals Klovne

A hospital clown is a clown - not a child and not an adult. For this reason alone can a hospital clown help a child in a whole different way than we others might. Danske Hospitalsklovne work to build the child's self-esteem and give them strength to better deal with their situation.

Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation

The Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation (CCAF) is a Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization. It was established in early 2006. The purpose was to create an NGO to provide a means to educate children, help in the reduction of poverty by addressing it's root causes, and to assist the Cambodian government in providing services for the most vulnerable segments of Cambodian society. CCAF strives to combine early childhood education, varied community development programs, and economic assistance to address the root causes of rural poverty.

Money Raised

TOTAL 409.150
2017 44.100 Danske Hospitals Klovne 14.700
Laura Lynn Hospice 14.700
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 14.700
2016 33.000 Danske Hospitals Klovne 11.000
Laura Lynn Hospice 11.000
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 11.000
2015 35.550 Danske Hospitals Klovne 11.850
Laura Lynn Hospice 11.850
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 11.850
2014 39.000 Danske Hospitals Klovne 13.000
St. Francis Hospice 13.000
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 13.000
2013 57.000 Danske Hospitals Klovne 19.000
St. Francis Hospice 19.000
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 19.000
2012 60.000 Danske Hospitals Klovne 20.000
St. Francis Hospice 20.000
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 20.000
2011 33.000 Rigshospitalet (Neonatal Clinic) 11.000
Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association 11.000
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 11.000
2010 30.000 BørneFonden 15.000
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation 15.000
2009 30.000 BørneFonden 25.000
Foghlaim 5.000
2008 21.500 Rigshospitalet (Neonatal Clinic) 21.500
2007 26.000 Rigshospitalet (Children's Cancer Ward) 26.000