Here we have the race winners throughout the years, plus those who have made a special effort and deserve a mention.

Is there going to be a photo of YOU here this year... ?

2019 winners

1st place- Team Looney

Congratulations to Rasmus Labæk and Alexander Brix who finished first in 2019 with a time of 16 minutes 5 seconds

Check below and you'll see that in 2017 they came in at 3rd place. In 2018, wanting to beat 2017, they finished in 2nd place.
But even that wasn't good enough. Only 1st Place is good enough, and congratulations with winning The 3 Legged Charity Race of 2019 🙂

2nd place - Allan Heimdal and William Bruun Frederiksen.

Sorry you didn't get the St. Hattrick's Day but congratulations on second place!

3rd place- ???

If you know Team 27- tell them to get in touch! 

Best Dressed- Mikkel Bendtsen and Micki Andersen

Best Dressed- Team Tutu- Mads Bille and Mark Falkenberg

2018 winners

1st place - Mathias and Mathias

Team Junior Senior, Congradulations to Mathias Randrup and Mathias Holst who won the 2018 race in 16 minutes 30 seconds.

2nd place- Rasmus and Alexander

Congradulations to Team Lonney- Rasmus Labæk and Alexander Brix, who finished second in 2018 with a time of 17 minutes 15 seconds

3rd place

Congratulations to Team Little Lebowski- James Asmussen and Jorge Guzman who placed 3rd in the 2018 3 Legged Charity Race with a time of 19 minutes 45 seconds

2017 winners

1st place - William & Allan

Team Arrogant (Team #71), Congratulations once again to William Bruun Frederiksen and Allan Heimdal won the race this year in 18 minutes and 20 seconds. Allan and Willem also won the Race in 2016, and even with the extra pub on route this year, it only took 18 minutes and 27 seconds. Watch out for these guys in 2018!

2nd place


3rd place


2016 winners

1st place - William & Allan

2016-Winners-FirstTeam Arrogant (Team #71), William Bruun Frederiksen and Allan Heimdal won the race this year in 18 minutes and 20 seconds.
Congratulations Guys. Your energy is fantastic. See you next year.

Interesting Fact #342
In 2014, Sandra & Sebastian came second, promised to do better, and, as promised, won the race in 2015.
In 2015, William and Allan came second after Sandra and Sebastian. They promised (proof on Facebook) that they would win the race this year, and they did.
Is this a new tradition? Second place to win the race the following year? Will anyone take bets?

2nd place - Tore Clausen & Fredrik Henriksen

2016-Winners-SecondTeam Patties (Team #72).
Tore and Frederik are regulars to the race, and turn up every year in their trademark, The Green Suits. This year, for the first time, all 4 green suits were present at the race.
They ran the race in an impressive 18 minutes 50 seconds.
Congratulations guys. We really appreciate your enthusiasm.


2016-Winners-ThirdHungover Tomorrow (Team #2).
These two (we will enter your names as soon as we find them) have been part of the race for 10 years and were delighted when Siobhán called out their names at the prize-giving.
Great to see how much they enjoy the day, every, single, year. We'll see you next year.
Their time was 18 minutes 52 seconds. That is 2 SECONDS behind second place. Now that's what we call close.

JUST BECAUSE - Cillian Murphy & Jesper Carsten Jørgensen

2015-Winners-Environment2015-Winners-EnvironmentTeam Inglorious Basterds (Team #1).
Jesper & Cillian (and company) have been regulars for the past few years and add a great atmosphere to the tent with their singing and dancing. They really know what havin' the craic is.
The last two years they strived to be the first team, Team #1, and they succeeded both years.
And then, again the last two years, their leg-binds broke as soon as they left the tent, and had to go back to get re-taped.
For being Team #1 2 years in a row, leg-binds breaking 2 years in a row, and their great contribution to the atmosphere, they got a prize.
Just because...

2015 winners

1st place - Sandra & Sebastian

2015-Winners-FirstTeam Petersen (Team #2) won the race this year. Last year they arrived in in 2nd place and talking to them after, they promised that this year, the race would be theirs... and it was.

2nd place - William Frederiksen & Allan Heimdal

2015-Winners-SecondTeam Frederiksen & Heimdal (Team #27). This year was their second year in The Race. They have already promised to take 1st place next year. We'll be watching you guys.

3rd place - Mads Larsen & Rasmus Fedder

2015-Winners-ThirdTeam Larsen & Fedder (Team #125). They won Best Dressed in 2014. A regular team that keep our sugar levels up with their abundance of Gold Coins. Well done guys.

Environmental Friendly Team - Christina Toldbo & Christine Holm

2015-Winners-EnvironmentTeam ZebraPingvin (Team #10). We invented this prize as we thought their costume was so creative and special. Well done to you both.

Best Dressed - Lennan Farrelly & Markus Lentz

2015-Winners-BestDressedThe Leprechaun & The Rainbow (Team #43). A great twist that has not been done before so well done lads for the effort and the creativity. Looking forward to your creation this year.

2014 winners

1st place - Frederik Thorup & Jonas Munk

2014_Winners_FirstTeam Iben (Team #1) won the race in an impressive 14 minutes 54 seconds. They were the first racers to leave The Tent and our Paddyrazzi, Andy, had some craic with them while they waited patiently for 30 minutes in the wind for Siobhán to blow the whistle. Their goal was 13 minutes 45 seconds, but the wind was against them... they say! Congratulations guys, and looking forward to seeing you again next year.

2nd place - Sebastian & Sandra

2014_Winners_SecondTeam Petersen (Team #10) arrived in at second place with an equally impressive 15 minutes 16 seconds. Right on the heels of Team Iben were Sebastian and Sandra. Soooo close to first. Maybe next year?

3rd place - Jakob Brink & Henry Miller

2014_Winners_ThirdTeam Henry (Team #70), probably one of our most competitive teams, arrived in in third place ONE SECOND after Sebastian & Sandra, 15 minutes 17 seconds. Not sure where they were when we called them up to the stage, but they never came up to us. Guessing you'll be going for first place next year.

Best Dressed - Mads Larsen & Rasmus Fedder

2014_Winners_BestDressed_01It was not an easy job this year finding the best dressed as there were so many that really made a great effort. And we really appreciate that, as it looks SO much better when you're in Green. They got extra points for feeding the masses and random passers-by with chocolate gold coins collected from the end of the rainbow. Well done guys, looking forward to the same effort next year.

2013 winners

1st place - Rasmus Breddam & Thomas Nielsen

2013_Winners_FirstTeam #42 with the inventive team name "Insert Name Here" won the race in an impressive 14 minutes. Congratulations guys, and looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Best Dressed - Brian Skibby & Michael Bømler

2013_Winners_BestDressed"The Amager Paddies". There really wasn't much of a discussion when it came to finding the best costume of The Race 2013. The Amager Paddies, although Race virgins, had no trouble understanding the element of fun in the race. Congratulations to you both, and well done for making the effort. Rumour has it that when they staggered back to their car (don't worry, they had a designated driver) the parking attendant that was in the process of writing a ticket, stopped and let them off with a warning and a smile. It turned out that the parking attendant was Irish!!!

Medal Of Honour - Mads Bille & Mark Falkenberg

2013_Winners_MedalOfHonour"Team Tutu". This was Mads' 9th year in the race, and has won it on a few occasions. This year however, Team Tutu took a different approach to the Race. Having rushed past each pub the last 8 years, this year they decided to actually go into each pub and savour a Pint of Guinness and a good Whiskey. So, for giving something back to the pubs, we awarded them with the Medal of Racers Honour. One of our most loyal racers and looking forward to their 10th anniversary next year.