The Merchandise

The Tricolour Trilby

A must have accessory for your green suit...
Yours for only 35,-

Tricolour Top Hat with Stars

The perfect companion for the good old Leprechaun outfit.
35,- Cheap at half the price.

Strange Green Hat with Strange Green Hair

If you're going for the 100% Green look.
Only 35,- kroner? I hear you say!!!

Tricolour Pint Hat

Warning: This is NOT waterproof...
35,- kroner? Cheapest pint in town.

Green Shamrock Hat

Can also be worn to The Races.
35,- kroner.

Leprechaun Hat with Beard

To complete the Leprechaun costume...
Only 35,-

Green Wig

If it's chilly, it can keep you warm.
Only 35,- We jest you not!

Green wig

If you don't have time to colour your own hair...
We have cut the price to 30,-

Small headband with hat

Keep the hair out of your eyes...
Not so hair-raising at only 20,-

Small headband with hat... and some feathers

Keeps the hair out of your eyes AND can tickle people
20,- doesn't get much cheaper than that!

Small headband with hat on springy things

Can not be used as walking aid.
At a very bouncy 20,-

Small headband with shamrock on springy things

Will not grow if planted.
Only 20,-