There’s only a few rules, but they’re there none the less…

  • Teams of 2 people only
    It’s too difficult to manage teams with more people and besides it’s only a 3 Legged Charity Race with 3 legs!
  • 1.5 hours to finish
    Each team has 1.5 hours to complete the Race from the Start time written on their Timesheet.
  • The race must be completed on foot
    No taxis, bikes, skates, roller blades, or skate boards….Yes- it has been tried!
  • Follow the rules of the road
    Only cross roads at traffic lights/ pedestrian crossing,
  • Drink Responsibly
    Don’t get all silly… It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and yes, a wee drink or two will be had. However, we, the Organisers, maintain the right to refuse you entry to the race if, bluntly put, you’re too drunk!
  • Dress Responsibly
    It’s freezing out there… make sure you’ve got your thermal underwear on!
  • Participants must wear green
    OK so this isn’t really a “rule”, but please make the effort. You can always wear that green t-shirt over your black winter coat and thermals.
  • Over 18s only
    Participants must be minimum 18 years old

And remember, when you’re 3 Legged in Copenhagen on St. Patrick’s Day you’re flying the flag for all of us. We want to spread smiles across the city and we want every racer to do the same 😎